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A long time ago I a teacher showed me a documentary about National Geographic photographers. Well CRAP, that opened my mind. I've always wanted to travel and have adventures, but when I saw that, my worlds collided. I knew who I wanted to BE. But then life happens, you get married, you have kids and your dreams might get forgotten for a little while. BUT THEY NEVER DIE.

Starting out as a photographer, I felt like I had to put myself in a box. "Are you a lifestyle photographer? Are you a nature photographer? Are you a fashion photographer?" Those questions kept coming to me and I just didn't know the answer and I didn't even want to answer. Now I know that I don't have to put myself in a box, I just have to be MYSELF and things will sort themselves out. 

I love these images because they are from a place I've visited since I was Santiago's age. First, I didn't want do take photos there at all because well "Marissa, you are not a nature or documentary photographer". Then I didn't because I was afraid of not capturing the essence of this place I've spent so much time in. And finally I was like, ok, whatever I'm just gonna shoot what I feel like. And here it is. Hope you enjoy the images and they do make you feel like you know the place. Thanks for reading!

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