Gabino - marissabc


Well, this is clearly out of my comfort zone. I decided to do this project because Gabino works in our neighborhood. He is a hard working, overall good man. 

He constantly talks about his roosters and how he is going to bring little chickens so our baby boy Santi can eat them. Clearly, he loves his animals, yet he trains them to fight. I find that to be such a contradiction. It's like saying you love bulls but you are a bull fighter. 

So I went to his house where he has hundreds of chickens and roosters. A lot of them in the room next door to his bedroom. He feeds them, trains them and even gives them medication to make them stronger. When I asked if he didn't feel bad that they got hurt, he said, "I always make sure they get better". 

I think we all have some kind of contradiction in our lives. Maybe not as obvious as his, but we do. What is yours?

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