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Engagement / Martha y Humberto

About two years ago, a friend gave Humberto my number, who called me and at first said "I want to surprise my girlfriend with a photoshoot". I said "Cool!", he hesitated and added "And I want to propose during the photoshoot". NO PRESSURE. As a photographer you get to capture a lot of people's special moments, but this one, was a bit more pressure. We started the photoshoot and the cue for him to DO IT was for me to say "Do weird poses".

The last one was to tell Martha to turn around a look away from Humberto. And BAM. 

I was the only person Humberto shared his plans with. He was nervous and excited. He seemed extremely genuine and noble. As a photographer, when you share these moments with clients, it's like you're connected to them forever, as weird as that sounds. 

So there they were, the happiest couple alive.

6 days later, I got a call: "Humberto passed away". What? I mean, what? He died in a very unfortunate situation, he and Martha were best friends and clearly meant for each other.

We can't know why things like this happen. What I've learned, specially from Martha, is that we are always stronger than we think and we must love with no limits, hug with no limits and forgive with no limits. We never know when we or those around us will move on.

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